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Our solutions helps veterans offices, livestock operations and farm stores to provide highest level of the care
for animal in all type.

Afrivet Case Study
Afrivet | is a Product Catalogue Application. It has its web and mobile app. Afrivet wish to have its product catalogue available for farmers across South Africa. Also, farmer can select the specific medicine and study about its application for their livestock. The app. also provides “Dosage Calculator” for helping farmer to treat their livestock.

Afrivet Website is an extension to Afrivet Catalog App. Afrivet wanted to have more information about their organization with the feature extendibility of e-commerce for their products with other features lying in their Road map.

Diptank | is a record keeping application for animal health. It keeps statistics of farmers' animal with the various surveys like “Udder Health Survey” and “Condition scoring”. This app is used by Afrivet for the insight of cattle health over different time and region within South Africa.

Wirevax | is a worm control effort from Afrivet. It keeps records of egg count from Famacha Egg Count. The application is also useful for scheduling vaccination program and keeping the farmer updated and notified about the vaccination program.

Technology Stake
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