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End-To-End Development, Control And Security, Speed, Scalability with DevOps

DevOps bring development and operations teams together to complete software development. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approache.

Leave your DevOps to us so you can focus on revenue generation

Development teams tend to focus more upon accomplishing changes by adapting to dynamically changing environments whereas operations team requires stability to streamline process flows and operational activities. DevOps bridges the gap between dev teams and operations to speed up the development process and significantly reduce time-to-market.

Why you need DevOps?
  • Excessively long time-to-market Large project turnaround times
  • Frequent delays and excessive project downtimes Too many impediments and tech problems
  • Frequent service issues Coding issues and high regression levels
  • Large operational budgets Excessive requirements of operational funds
  • Lack of business growth Work and productivity stagnation
  • Difficult and costly to scale up operations Lack of trained and experienced professionals
  • Missed opportunities due to operational inflexibilities
What can DevOps do for you?
  • Bring code to market faster Speed up time-to-market and increase the frequency and quality of software releases using optimized development processes, workflow and automation (Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment)
  • Achieve availability goals Achieve high uptime levels
  • Meet budget goals Reduce hardware costs (Stop using expiring hardware, unused or over provisioned infrastructure)
  • Improve Efficiency levels Reduce soft costs and increase your output levels through DevOps automation and increased productivity
  • Maintain your business advantage Meet and close new business opportunities through increased operational scalability and flexibility
Our DevOps Services
DevOps Assessment
We'll assess your current DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, create development pipelines, shortlist redundant tasks and identify the right set of DevOps tools for you. We'll create an assessment report outlining all action points required for your process automation, coach DevOps practices and provide a Continuous Delivery Roadmap.
DevOps Automation
We'll audit your existing infrastructure and setup, and design the ideal workflow targeting your unique process automation needs. We'll also set up and automate your continuous delivery pipeline while preventing risky deployment process and practices at the same time to increase team productivity levels using our robust ecosystem of open source tools.
DevOps Management
Besides automating your DevOps processes, we'll help you manage the health of your continuous delivery pipelines. We'll take care of your release management plans, carry out continuous deployment, replicate DevOps environment as and when necessary, set up new servers, enforce change management and undertake performance optimization on an ongoing basis.
DevOps Tools We Use