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Based on your goals and requirements, we deliver custom E-commerce solutions that will meet your needs and your customers expectations. Attractive shopping website with various payment modules, filters, invoices and more..

e-Commerce Website Design And Development

Whether you're launching your new e-commerce store or already own one, the goals remain the same - sell to customers and grow your business. To succeed you need an upper edge over your competitors and that's exactly what YellowCollar does for your store. We make your online store "happen" using disruptive technologies, reliable payment gateways and trending e-commerce solutions. Integrate the latest online trends into your store to convert casual visitors into loyal profit-making customers. Right from spanning your website's architecture to its functional navigation, we dig deep to enhance each and every point - technical and UX - of your website to create a special niche for your store.

Already have a store that's not working for you? We'll revamp your portal and give it a facelift. We can create your unique online identity and enhance the visibility of your store so you can sell more to a wider buyer's audience.

There's a lot we can do for your store - you just need to explain your requirements and engage with us for a free consultation to see how you can benefit!

e-Commerce Website Design And Development
e-Commerce Application Development
Mobile apps for e-commerce model
Custom e-Commerce Website Design
Develop customized online website and architecture as per business requirements
Responsive Shopping Website
Build a new website or make your existing shopping portal mobile friendly
e-Commerce Cart Development
Integrate retail business productivity with state-of-the-art shopping cart features in your website
Plug-in & Module Development
Optimize and improve the functionality of your e-commerce application or website by developing customized plug-ins and high-end modules
Web Development And Customization
Develop a robust full-scale ecommerce portal in tune with trending market trends to deliver an out-of-box end user experience and shopping experience using disruptive technologies and platforms
Payment Gateway Integration
Monetize your e-commerce business model by integrating or upgrading to a reliable, easy-touse and trustworthy payment gateway system into your ecommerce portal
Maintenance And Support
Hire a 24x7 actively present technical support team to keep your e-commerce application and website up and running at all times
Shopping Cart Development
Develop a brilliantly designed, fully customized, cutting-edge online cart on various e-commerce platforms as per your specific requirements
e-Commerce Stores We Develop
Single Brand e-Commerce Store
Build a responsive B2C SEO optimized e-Commerce website and mobile store app for your personal brand offering all e-Commerce features
B2B Marketplace (MOQ / Procurement)
SEO optimized B2B/B2B2C e-Commerce portal and mobile store app for multiple vendors/brands offering all e-Commerce features
Multi-Vendor e-Commerce / B2C Marketplace
Develop an SEO optimized B2C e-Commerce website and mobile store app for multiple vendors/brands offering state-of-the-art e-Commerce features
On-Demand / Automated Home Services Marketplace
Small business or local online store for individuals offering specialized services in local areas e.g. plumbers, carpenters, electricians, laundry services, dairy products etc. serving a fixed clientele or planning to expand business by acquiring new customers within a specific geographic location