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Lead Generation – Start with basics

Yellow assists all business types and sizes to grow their business. A cloud based platform that is simple to use, quick to deploy, and powerful enough for the advanced needs of business communication. Yellow is a central hub for your email and SMS communications, and will help your business generate leads and build richer customer relationships.

Email & SMS Marketing Automation

Maximise Your Email Marketing

Automate Engage Convert

Guide your customers through a fully automated, personalised, Email and SMS journey. The right message at the right time ensures your customers are kept fully engaged throughout your marketing campaigns.

We take as much of the work off your hands as possible. With drip campaigns and email triggers you can set up almost any campaign you need On-boarding new contacts is a breeze when you use drip campaigns. You can send welcoming, “how-to”, or reminder emails to lay a great foundation for your new relationship Send targeted emails that impress your contacts using our sophisticated dynamic content creator. Dynamic content sends a single email which shows different content based on your contact’s individual details or preferences Personalisation shows your contacts that you care about them as individuals. Yellow gives you extensive personalisation at the press of a button.

Rich Analytic Reports

Track everything that happens to your email from opens and clicks, through to what devices people are using to read your emails, and where they are located geographically.

Why is YELLOW Awesome?

Yellow is the fastest growing, proudly South African built and supported system Sends large volumes of quality email and SMSes Optimised for mobile, desktop, and web Yellow is the Email & SMS marketing solution of the future.