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What is Meteor?

Meteor is an open-source, production-ready, real-time, and cross-platform web application framework built on top of proven technology, that allows for very rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (web, Android, iOS) code.

Why Meteor
1. Save a lot of time with the smart packages

The greatest advantage with Meteor is lots of ready-made packages are available to ship your product faster. It saves the precious time of the developer and your project-schedule.

2. Great community support

Meteor developers’ community is large and with full of learning resources like tons of blogs, eBooks, online learning platforms and forums to discuss.

3. Very friendly for the beginner developers

One of the biggest advantage of Meteor is that, it is the easiest framework for beginners to learn by just knowing a single development language. Any semi-experienced JS developer can handle a Meteor project with decent structure and pick it up to get it running quickly.

4. Ahead of the tech curve

The web is becoming an increasingly real-time environment. With the significant growth of online applications like real-time collaboration tools, instant customer support, multiplayer web games and many more. And Meteor offers just that.

5. One language for all devices, Web, desktop and mobile

Application built in Meteor will be ready. JS has the advantage of embracing multiple platforms. The framework supports both the mobile and the web. And even going beyond that, the mobile applications developed in Meteor framework will be available for both, Android and iOS. With all the advantages in the kitty, your app built in Meteor.JS will be ready to get more users across all the devices and platforms.

6. Real Time Web Development

Meteor is designed in a way that is real-time by default. It enables application’s frontend gets updated automatically from the layer of database. This will give massive benefits to the end users as they do not need to refresh the page to see the change and even the all changes are saved automatically.

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